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Where do hurricanes come from?

Well, there is a theory that suggests, that because they take the same path that slave ships took, hurricanes are the souls of Africans that suffered in the middle passage. Timeless is a story of Ajuwa, a young Ghanaian warrior, who loses her soulmate to the slave trade. Their souls reunite in the present in the form of Malinda Benjamin, a Senator in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Alphonse Walcott, a gifted writer who has returned home from New York. The kindling of the relationship goes sour when Alphonse meets Bianca, an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, sent to work in a seedy brothel in St. Thomas and falls in love with her instantly. Tension builds to a brewing storm as details of the past relationship are revealed, mirroring the present and the true nature of the spiritual misconnection in the transcendental love triangle is revealed.WATCH TRAILER

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D’Wayne Wiggins on the movie Timeless, the new soundtrack, and the year of return.

Film actors

JulienKamal Baa
ElaineWarren Jacobs

Cast & Crew

Edward Laborde Jr.

D’Wayne Wiggins

Kmisha-Victoria Counts
Brummell Germain
Sulay Peñalo
Kenya Eugene

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